Interstim Therapy

How Bladder Control Therapy Works

An animation showing how InterStim® Therapy works with the sacral nerves to reduce the symptoms of overactive bladder.

Bladder Control Therapy: Sarah’s Story Part 3 of 3

In part 3 of her story, Sarah talks about her life while receiving InterStim® Therapy for bladder control.

If you’ve tried other treatments but are still suffering from an overactive bladder or OAB, you might be relieved to hear about another option: InterStim Therapy. Learn more at

InterStim Therapy for Urinary Control is not for everyone. Not everyone will receive the same results. Talk with your doctor to understand the benefits and risks of sacral neuromodulation and to determine if InterStim Therapy may be right for you. For important safety information, please visit A prescription is required. This video contains information about therapies approved for use in the United States and is intended to be viewed by residents of the United States.