Southwest Urologic Specialists, PC now offers cutting edge treatment option for Men with ED


Energy Wave Therapy
for Erectile Dysfunction

Low intensity energy waves Create New Blood Vessels
Improves Blood Flow Erection
*** Enjoy a spontaneous active sex life
*** Freedom from ED medication

SAFE- with no anesthesia required
FAST- comfortable office procedure taking about 20 minutes
EFFECTIVE- incremental improvement may be seen after just a few sessions

eWave is an Energy Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction. It is the leading non-invasive procedure that has allowed thousands of men to enjoy an active, spontaneous, and medication-free sex life. With gentle energy pulses, eWave stimulates penile tissue to increase the blood flow needed to improve erectile function and rigidity.

What to Expect with eWave:

After treatment?
There are no restrictions after treatment; you can immediately resume all
normal activities, including sexual intercourse.

The formation of the new blood vessels typically takes approximately 3 months; seeing incremental improvement after just a few sessions.

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